Biojunction Sports Therapy

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"When I first met Rachel I was in significant pain and had very limited mobility in my arm and shoulder. I was immediately impressed with Rachel's cheerful and friendly personality. She exemplified a true professional. Her Southern charm was delightful and she always treated me with immense kindness and genuine caring. She was very knowledgeable and demonstrated a real understanding of the injury and what was needed to get it right. I committed to therapy twice a week and we began the 5 month journey for my healing and recovery...I also mentioned I would be having ankle surgery in the coming months so would need both arms and shoulders strong. She told me that recovery for the party and then for the upcoming surgery was completely achievable so we got started right away with the work necessary to reach that end goal. She was happy to mix it up with a variety of healing techniques, exercises, massage and then we moved on to strengthening and recovery techniques. During those months I became fitter, stronger and healthier...Rachel was always professional, skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Physical Therapy and I thoroughly recommend her and the office of BioJunction Sports Therapy...My shoulder feels back to normal and is pain free which is good, because I am now 2 weeks post op from my ankle surgery. I am non-weightbearing for 6 weeks which means I need to rely on my upper body strength, to get me around almost exclusively. I will again be requiring PT for my recovery in the months to come and will be happy to see Rachel and begin the recovery process once more."

- Debbie J P