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"I have been seeing Lora for recovery from my last three major surgeries and I am proud to say that my experience has been nothing but positive and uplifting. Lora is knowledgeable, fun, focused and driven. She gives me the mindset to overcome any obstacle that comes in the way of improvement and is always willing to answer my myriad of questions. Amidst all this she always finds a way to make the experience a fun one with her stories, somehow making your time doing "rehab" seem as though it flew by. She has become a true friend through this process."

- Kerry Carter, professional football player

"Our family has been going to Lora for years, with everything ranging from acute injuries stemming from sports and dance to management of chronic pain. Lora has the rare mixture of professional experience, intelligence, compassion and zeal that enable her to be a masterful healer and coach. We consider ourselves fortunate to know her and consider her to be our "family therapist"."

- Robert McIntosh

"After an accident, which left my shoulder broken and labrum torn, I was referred to Lora for PT. She was wonderful at giving me the care I needed to ease the pain and move on to learning how to strengthen my shoulder. I truly feel that I avoided surgery because of her guidance. I wholly recommend her to friends and colleagues and if PT becomes necessary in the future, for whatever reason, Lora is the one I would go to."

- Kristine Emerson

"The trusting relationship that her [Lora] and I have...make my athletic career a lot better...and last longer..."

"...Lora being a part of my team and me being a part of her team...just lets me know that the sky is the limit and that I do have the proper support in Seattle, Washington."

- Norris Frederick, professional long-jumper