Biojunction Sports Therapy

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"After tearing my ACL, I worked with Andrew Holloway as my physical therapist at Biojunction Sports Therapy for about 9 months. Overall, Andrew did a great job. He helped provide solid motivation, offered good plans for activities I could do in between appointments, and he helped me understand what my body was doing as a result of my injury. He was everything I would have expected from a quality therapist. I also have friends who specialize in orthopedic surgery, and I would regularly share what Andrew and I were working on and they would always approve. Regarding the facility, Biojunction is a great place. Front desk staff was always super efficient and excellent about scheduling. Zero issues with insurance billing, too. And the place is well cared for and clean!! Overall, I would highly recommend Biojunction and Andrew."

- Brian L.

"I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to Biojunction and Andrew Holloway. I was a new patient this week coming in during a month long past injury flare up...after two sessions with Dr. Andrew, last night I felt my back literally pop back into place after being stuck over a month! Immediate pain relief after two sessions! I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to seeing you next week!!! I am traveling for a wedding this weekend and to be able to enjoy my life and weekend pain free is truly a gift! Thank you Dr. Andrew!!"

- Amanda