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"After tearing my ACL, I worked with Andrew Holloway as my physical therapist at Biojunction Sports Therapy for about 9 months. Overall, Andrew did a great job. He helped provide solid motivation, offered good plans for activities I could do in between appointments, and he helped me understand what my body was doing as a result of my injury. He was everything I would have expected from a quality therapist. I also have friends who specialize in orthopedic surgery, and I would regularly share what Andrew and I were working on and they would always approve. Regarding the facility, Biojunction is a great place. Front desk staff was always super efficient and excellent about scheduling. Zero issues with insurance billing, too. And the place is well cared for and clean!! Overall, I would highly recommend Biojunction and Andrew."

- Brian L.

"I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to Biojunction and Andrew Holloway. I was a new patient this week coming in during a month long past injury flare up...after two sessions with Dr. Andrew, last night I felt my back literally pop back into place after being stuck over a month! Immediate pain relief after two sessions! I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to seeing you next week!!! I am traveling for a wedding this weekend and to be able to enjoy my life and weekend pain free is truly a gift! Thank you Dr. Andrew!!"

- Amanda

"I really appreciate Andrew Holloway DPT, OCS at Biojunction Sports Therapy in West Seattle. With all of his considerable training, one can reasonably expect skilled diagnosis and treatment – both hands on and exercises to fit the ever evolving progression of healing. Andrew demonstrates all of that. Yeah. And mostly I value Andrew's gentle confidence in his skills, his knowingness that you will recover beautifully. I appreciate his deep kindness when the going gets tough in recovery as it always does and his ability to convey his certainty of outcome. When he says things will be fine, you believe it. And it turns out he's right. Recovery happens and healing takes place.

- William Wittmann, M.Ed., LMT, husband & Suzanne Wittmann, RN, patient