Biojunction Sports Therapy

Acute or chronic, cause known or unknown, any aches and pains that may be bothering you can be assessed and treated appropriately.

We enjoy working with anyone from "weekend warriors" all the way up to college and professional athletes. Analysis of sport-specific movements can help speed the injury-recovery process.

After surgery recovery can be an uncertain and difficult time. We love to help you get back to yourself as quickly as possible.

Our physical therapists use gait analysis to help better diagnose functional restrictions that may be causing pain. Also, we perform running gait analysis on runners who wish to address problems or improve their efficiency.

Custom foot orthotic molds are taken onsite and crafted to address the individual biomechanics of each client. We can also assess current orthotic devices and modify or repair as needed. Shoes are also evaluated as they are an important part of whether custom orthotics are successful.

For the serious or recreational cyclist, we offer bike fits that are custom to your individual measurements and needs. The fitting is an hour and a half and can be billed under your physical therapy medical benefits.

Select therapists are available to do this on an individual basis or within a community or organization.

Free monthly injury screening at Super Jock and Jill in Green Lake from 6:30 to 8:00 PM the third Thursday of every month.
Free monthly injury screening at West Seattle Runner from 5:30 to 7:30 PM the second Monday of every month.

Lora and Andrew Holloway (joined by Erik Brand, MD) were head medical for the 2016 exhibition match in West Seattle for the Snoop Youth Football League.
Lora (joined by Karlie Causey, DC) was asked to work the medical tent at the 2015 National Volleyball League tournament at Alki.
Chris Hill, DC asked Lora and Julie to volunteer to tape players for the AC Women's soccer professional league in 2014.